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Pay Your Invoice Online

If you received an invoice in the mail or by email from Advocare Fairmount Pediatrics, or if you just want to pay your balance now, you can pay via the patient portal.

Please use the Patient Portal button at the top of this page, or you can log on here: Advocare Pay Here Link.

Important: If this does not show any balance due but you received an invoice in the mail, please contact the office!

Thank you for paying your invoice online!

 Patient Portal Online Pay
If you owe administrative fees, (such as a form fee or missed appointment fee) you can pay those using the secure services of Paypal. You can also pay bills from BEFORE MARCH 1st visit dates here. Please do NOT pay them using the portal. (Please note, this link is currently broken - call the office to pay instead.)


  • Forms - $10
  • Medical Records - $6.50
  • No-Show/ Short-Notice Cancellation - $100
  1. Click the Paypal button below to begin.
  2. Enter the amount you owe. You must enter the amount — it will not populate automatically.
  3. Enter your child’s name in the “description” section.
  4. Follow Paypal’s instructions on the right to complete the transaction.
Thank you!