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Alexis Lieberman, , MD

Alexis Lieberman, MD

Specialty: Pediatrics

Dr. Lieberman has been a pediatrician since 1996, caring for babies, children and teens. She opened Advocare Fairmount Pediatrics as an independent practice late in 2009, and joined Advocare in 2020. A former Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, she brings an educator’s high standards, attention to detail, and in-depth inquiry to her practice. She loves the communication aspect of pediatrics, spending time with families and connecting with children.

Since 2009, Dr. Lieberman has focused on bringing the best of pediatrics and the best of customer service to her practice. Caring relationships, a focus on managing most problems within the medical home, and running on-time are her priorities.

In her former position, she taught dermatology to pediatricians in training, developed and published protocols for managing pediatric obesity, and researched and published on mental health issues in pediatrics. She has expertise in many behavioral aspects of pediatrics, including treating ADHD and sleep problems, as well as obesity. Dr. Lieberman is also the former Director of Adolescent Programs at Albert Einstein Medical Center, and has expertise in the many issues faced by today’s teens, including menstrual issues, adolescent ADHD, adolescent depression, and substance use. She welcomes teens to the practice!

Dr. Lieberman has a teen at home herself, and understands the challenges faced by parents. She is thrilled to be in her own practice at Advocare Fairmount Pediatrics, and looks forward to getting to know your family.

You can read her comments on the practice facebook page.