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Breastfeeding Group Tuesdays, Thursdays

Philadelphia office every Tuesday, 10:30-11:30 am. Montco office, every Thursday, 10-11
Please sign up on the website, or use the paper sign-up sheet at the front desk or call the office to sign up. The group will only run if there are at least three moms signed up by the day before. We will call or text to let you know if it is running each week. Bring the baby hungry to the group so you can weigh before and after nursing. The cost is $15, payable with cash or check.

Ongoing DBT groups, open to join.

FPAM to Resume and Expand Support Groups 

Great news, families! 

FPAM will be offering a range of in-person groups for children ages 5-17! We are excited to add a social worker to our team, Sonya Lopez, MSW, M.S.Ed., who will facilitate these groups on-site.  

Is a support group the right fit for my child?  

Does your child have big emotions? Are they sensitive to transition or change? Do they often worry or find it difficult to express how they feel? Or has their spirited nature made it tricky for them to navigate choices while learning and playing? If any of these questions feels relevant to your family, email slopez02@advocaredoctors.com to confirm your interest in an in-person support group at FPAM! 

How could my child benefit from a support group with peers? 

A support group at FPAM can help your child with developing social and emotional skills in a safe, structured, and affirming environment. Through activities and play, your child can learn and practice strategies for emotional regulation, distress tolerance, conflict management, interpersonal relationships, and more! Upon completion of a group cycle, your child will have the tools they need to soothe their thoughts, calm their body, and engage with the world around them. 

For children of any age, building and reinforcing these skills is helpful in managing stressful behaviors, but it’s also essential in shaping a robust sense of self and self-esteem! 

Where will groups take place and how much will they cost? 

Groups will be offered on-site at both the Philadelphia and Montgomery county offices based on enrollment. All groups offered on a sliding-scale basis and may be eligible for reimbursement through insurance.  

If you have more questions about how these services could work for your child(ren), please reach out to Sonya Lopez at slopez02@advocaredoctors.com. Group offerings will be customized based on interest, so all inquiries and requests will be taken into consideration. 

Newsletter: Upcoming Support Groups and Workshops

Take a look at the schedule for upcoming support groups and workshops, hosted by Liv Lee, our registered dietitian nutritionist.