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New Patients

We are accepting new patients from birth through 21 years of age!

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colorful-tree.pngSee "Insurance & Billing" for a list of Insurance Providers we accept.

Expecting a baby?

If you are expecting a baby, we would love to meet with you. This meeting with the doctor and the staff is free of charge, and will give you a chance to see if the practice would be a good fit. Please use the scheduling tool to book a meeting (it’s the top option). We look forward to meeting with you! Would you like shopping advice? Here’s a list of things you may want for the new baby.


We know what a wonderful, yet hectic, time it can be when you bring a new baby home. We would like to offer some helpful advice so that you may avoid some common mistakes that parents of newborns make when it comes to your insurance company. Taking the following steps will also help to ensure that your visits to our office aren’t complicated by extra paperwork.

Helpful Tips:

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