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Kristen Smith, , PA-C, IBCLC

Kristen Smith, PA-C, IBCLC

Specialty: Family Medicine

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

( Please note: Kristen is not truly a part of our Affiliate Program because she is also our full-time Physician Assistant, who happens to also be a Lactation Consultant. )

As an IBCLC my goal is to assist families to understand the wonderful benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby, to facilitate comfortable breastfeeding, and to help families be successful in reaching their breastfeeding goals. Throughout the breastfeeding journey, mother and baby may need support along the way and I would love to be a resource for you!

My inspiration to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant stems from both my professional  and personal experience. As a Pediatric PA, I saw the strong need for guidance and reassurance during the breastfeeding process. Personally, I successfully breastfed my own daughter and was able to work through the many challenges that arose through the breastfeeding process with the help of breastfeeding groups and a lactation consultant.


Please schedule using the yellow "schedule appointment" button at the top of the page; choose your location, and then scroll down to lactation consultation or breastfeeding group.
  • We have a breast friend pillow for use. 
  • Please bring nipple shields (if using) and anything you feel you need to have a successful nursing session.
  • Please try to bring your child to the visit hungry as we will be evaluating latch and transfer as well as addressing any breastfeeding concerns you may have.


We have a breastfeeding group every Tuesday at 10:45 am in Philadelphia and every Thursday at 10 am in Montgomery County.
Cost of group is $15.
Please schedule using the red "schedule appointment" button at the top of the page and scroll down to breastfeeding group.

Breastfeeding supplies: Occasionally you may need breastfeeding supplies, scale or pump rentals. The lactation program at CHOP has useful information on renting these supplies from CHOP or the manufacturers.