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Beth Rosenwasser, , PhD, BCBA-D, LPC

Beth Rosenwasser, PhD, BCBA-D, LPC

Specialty: Family Medicine

Behavioral Therapist

Dr. Rosenwasser works as a member of the team at Dr. Lieberman's Advocare Fairmount Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. She is available to consult for just one or several sessions on a number of concerns that parents have about a child's development, mood, or a specific behavioral challenge. Patients describe “Dr. Beth” as easy to talk to, warm and non-judgmental. With more than 25 years experience, she offers children, teens, and parents, concrete, workable solutions to difficult situations. Often referred to as a "family problem-solver," together, you and she will break down challenges, prioritize and clarify goals, practice skills, and create a measurable follow-up plan. Patients appreciate her ability to ‘keep it real,’ developing practical solutions in 1-6 sessions, or in longer-term therapy.

Dr. Rosenwasser attended the University of Pennsylvania on scholarship graduating magna cum laude in Philosophy with a minor in the natural sciences. She completed her Master’s in Education and then a doctorate in Educational Psychology as a recipient of a Russell Conwell Fellowship at Temple University. She is Past-President of the Philadelphia Behavior Therapy Association, a charter Board Certified Behavior Analyst and the former coordinator of training for ABA master's students at Temple University. Committed to the research-based practice of counseling, she will collaborate with you so that what gets talked about in session translates to positive changes in your, and your children’s lives. In addition to her excellent academic credentials, she is the mother of twins, one of whom has experienced learning differences.

Dr. Rosenwasser does not accept insurance, however, she offers a wide sliding scale, and works hard to make her services affordable and available to patients of Fairmount Pediatrics. Please click here to see the sliding scale, but please, if you are still concerned about cost, please contact her to discuss. Sometimes just a session or two can help clarify a direction and help you decide whether to access your insurance-based mental health coverage.


Dr. Beth Rosenwasser is available onsite at Fairmount Pediatrics Mondays and Tuesdays, both day and evening or more flexibly via HIPAA-compliant Zoom. She is happy to speak to you about your concerns in a 15-minute free phone consultation. Don't hesitate to contact her by email at or by telephone at (215) 498-1270. Look for her Zoom-based programming on our FB page: @alexis lieberman md advocare fairmount pediatrics and adolescent medicine