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Ameet Ravital, , DiHom

Ameet Ravital, DiHom

Specialty: Family Medicine


Ameet offers classical homeopathic consultation. Classical homeopathy was developed by Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago, and is practiced around the world in dozens of countries. His approach is to meet with both the child and the parent to develop a holistic sense of the child’s temperament, physical constitution and chronic health patterns. By matching this portrait to the profiles of various homeopathic remedies, he is able to suggest ones that will best support a return to good health.

Homeopathy’s goal is to help strengthen the constitution and thereby raise the general level of health of the patient, and not to treat any particular disease or illness. However, by supporting the body’s own wisdom, homeopathy has helped children and adults struggling with chronic health issues, repeated infections, and emotional and behavioral difficulties.

Ameet has been practicing homeopathy for four years. He has also practiced as a clinical psychologist since 1999 (earning his doctorate from Temple University), with strong interests in positive parenting, mindfulness meditation and the stress-illness connection. He lives in Mt. Airy with his wife and two very active kids.


Ameet can be reached at 267-357-6962, or by email via his web page, RavitalHome.com.