Fairmount Pediatrics
and Adolescent Medicine


Trouble with the Healow app?


Searching for our office:

When you search for our practice, you can search by name or code. The code is EDAFBD. You will see Advocare listed in Marlton, NJ. That is the location of the corporate office, so that is the correct practice to choose!


Healow tip (apostrophes):

Do not use contractions like Don't! The app does not accept them.

The help page is: https://help.healow.com/

Feel free to use that link to ask Healow to accept apostrophes!


Instructions to link children on the app:

1. After the office creates an account, Advocare will send a welcome email.

2. Click on the link to finalize creating the new child's account (will need to create a new password). This is done in a browser (not app)

3. Once the account is finalized, go into the App.

4. Click on the profile Icon on the top left then click "link new account". User will sign in with the new child's account.

5. Accounts are now linked/merged. Swipe right and left to move between children's accounts.